Four: Changed for the future

Exodus 3:10-17
An encounter with God is never for its own sake. God meets with us that we might be transformed to play our part in His future plans. Often, those plans correspond to our own deep desires, dreams and God given gifts. Looking to this next year, think about who God has made you to be.

What kingdom dreams do you have for your life, your church, your community?

What is God already stirring up in your heart?

What changes do you long to see in your life, relationships and neighbour?

What spiritual gifts do you have that God could be calling you to use?

Spend some time with God talking to Him about these questions, and then listen to what He says. Maybe He is calling you to do the very thing you long for, however maybe He is calling you to get another area of your life sorted out first in order for you to be more fruitful. Whatever it is, what will your response be? Will we only say ‘yes’ to His call if we like the sound of it, or will we trust Him enough to say ‘yes’ whatever it is, knowing that He knows what is best for us?

When you feel God has spoken to you, why not try talking it through with a friend and get them to pray for you and listen to God with you for further guidance and encouragement. And then go for it knowing that He has promised to be with you every step of the way.

Why not think about offering to share your experience of responding to God’s call as a testimony at one of our future word and spirit services?

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