You are not alone – Reflection Five

Have you ever felt alone in a crowded room?  Have you ever been by yourself, yet known that you are not alone?

From an experience of being cared for, many questions arise:

How do I respond to unasked for welcome and love?

How can I try to be more like that caring, welcoming, loving person in my own life?

How can I retain that sense of being cared for when I am in my darkest places?

There is nothing better than the sense of security, of well-being, of safety in knowing that you are being cared for by someone who’s focus at that point is you.  Whatever else is going to happen in their day, just at that moment, you and your care are their only concern.  Now imagine that, a thousand-fold – all day, every day – a part of the infinite love and care of God for you.  Now ask yourself the questions above again.

You are not alone
God is with you
We are with you

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