You are not alone – Reflection Four

Read the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 18-19.

Elijah thinks he is all alone in being faithful to God because his fellow Israelites are all being unfaithful.  Often we can feel alone in church like we are the only one faithfully pursuing God’s call. What does God do?
First, God encounters Elijah – he meets with him in the midst of his loneliness (19:11-13)
Then, God tells him to go back to where he came from (19:15) God has a plan and a purpose for Elijah being where he is.
God then gives him someone to do his ministry alongside him in Elisha (19:16)
Finally, God reassures him that there are 7000 faithful people and that he isn’t alone (19:18)

Are we feeling alone in church? Why? What makes us think that other people are not being faithful?

Firstly, seek that encounter with God like Elijah had to reassure you that God is with you. This can come in prayer, through bible study, prayer ministry, attending a retreat or a conference or a service, finding quiet places, making space and time.

Do you have someone to support you like Elisha? Ask God to give you someone, or open your eyes to someone who could support you in your kingdom vision for your church. How can you then support each other: meet together to pray and talk, study the bible together, start a course together.

Ask God to show you who the faithful people are. They may not share your exact vision or call, but they share your heart. Do whatever you can to profit from their wisdom, prayer, friendship and support.

You are not alone
God is with you
We are with you

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