You are not alone – Reflection Two

Mat 18: v 20. – “For where 2 or 3 come together in my name there I am with them.”

This is what should happen when we worship – or gather together with others for prayer or bible study. We know that the Lord is with us because He promised and He never ever breaks His promises – ever! He is always with us.

My picture of feet in the field remains a constant source of amazement to me and also of comfort and reassurance that I am never alone – however dark or joyful the days!

Think back to a dark time for you and remember what got you through it.  It may be that the Lord sent a special friend or that your church family were there for you or a neighbour popped in just at the right moment. Those are your “feet in the field” times.

When life gets rough or when you are full of joy remember His promise that He would never leave us and ask Him to show that He is with you. He will because He promised – we just sometimes don’t quite see it until after the event.

Prayer ministry in your church or at W and S are times for you to feel His presence too. Please use the prayer ministers for anything at all and in complete confidence.

And always remember:

You are not alone
God is with you
We are with you

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