Salt and Light – Reflections…

From Andy – ‘Salt’:

1. Christians are called to be radically different from the world. Do you feel all that radical and what does our passage say to you about what you are (as opposed to what you feel you are)?

2. What are the particular ways in which you lose your saltiness? Andy mentioned compromise, fatigue and and staying in your ecclesiastical salt cellar. What might we add to that list…?

3. Andy suggested different ways Christians change society – prayer, evangelism, argument, socio political action and suffering. Where has God called you to be ‘salt’ and which of these apply in your context.?

4. Do you ever feel inadequate to the size of the task?

5. Do you recall what % of people a society needs to change it for the good?

6. How can you avoid hypocrisy when talking to the world..? What is it to be both prophetic and humble at the same time and how does Jesus model this?


From Kunnagh – ‘Light’:

1.  Do you think you keep your light hidden sometimes?  Why do we do this?

2.  We can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the darkness of the world we perceive around us.  How best might we remember that there are other lights shining out?

3.  Jesus said ‘You are the light of the world’.  How does it feel, knowing that this is what He thinks of you?

4.  Is being a light to the world easier when we are in community?  Or is it more difficult to get consensus that way?  What gets in the way of our lights?

5.  Do we have our own light, or are we just reflected lights from Jesus – the light of the world?

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