The Earth is The Lord’s – Reflections…

  1. In the sermon we explored a number of reasons why people don’t engage with caring for God’s world. Andy grouped these into 1) Scientific objections, 2) Theological objections and 3) Personal objections. Which of these is most important to you and why?
  2. Scientific objections centre round the ideas that there’s nothing wrong with the world, that it’s not a problem yet, that science will sort it out or that the earth itself will self regulate – what does God say in the bible that counters each of these?
  3. How can we avoid panic and doom in the face of an overwhelming and large problem?
  4. Theological objections centre on the idea that we will be ‘leaving this world behind’. How much have you bought into that notion and why is a wrong view of God’s involvement with his world?
  5. Do you truly believe that Jesus died not only to save each human from our sins but for all that is wrong with the planet – and why is this important?
  6. Why should Christians listen carefully to ‘tree hugging pagans’ – what do we agree and what do we disagree about?
  7. Personal objections centre round our own sinfulness and selfishness – in this time of Lent what are you prepared to give up?
  8. Our actions stem from our beliefs – what is it we now believe about God and his world and how will it change what we do?
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