June 2014 – Going Places with God: Working…. for what?

Helen has put together some thoughts for us following her sermon last Sunday evening:

Work is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “…the application of effort to a purpose…” Therefore work is anything we set our minds to do, through physical or mental exertion, with a goal in mind. It is not exclusively paid employment but can be any task that has a meaning or purpose.

  1. Does the thought of ‘work’ fill you with dread and fear or excitement and joy?
  2. Does our work define who we are or do we, through our faith, define our work?
  3. Does a sacred/secular divide exist in your life, with work in one box and church in another? Or do you have a whole-life approach to everything you do?
  4. Work is ordained by God (Genesis 2:15, Genesis 3:17-19, Genesis 3:23, Genesis 8:21, Genesis 8:22, Deut.5:13), it has the purpose of providing food and giving shape and structure to our days. It creates a rhythm of rest and action. Each of us is called to different roles, some employed and others unpaid, each is personal to the individual and we should not compare our own call with anyone else’s. Do you feel you are where God has called you or are you just going through the motions?
  5. God is revealed through our work and our obedience to our calling, even if that is a difficult place to be. How are you revealing God in your place of work/community?
  6. Our work should be Kingdom-focused bringing Kingdom values into our places of work which speak of a generous and merciful God; a loving and sacrificial servant-hearted Jesus and an all-sufficient Holy Spirit. In what ways are you able to do this where you are? (it can be something very simple as making tea or coffee for your colleagues) If someone from church was to walk into your place on work would they recognise you as the same person they see on Sundays? Do your actions match your values as a Christian?


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2 Responses to June 2014 – Going Places with God: Working…. for what?

  1. Paul Bird says:

    It seems to be a common perception among other religions, that Christians don’t ‘live’ our religion. We ‘box’ it off, and look for the ‘worship’ chunk in our normal lives.

    Other religions argue that whole life is worship.

    I know that I and many other Christians I speak to do strive to make our whole lives over to God, and we don’t always succeed.

    I had a close work colleague who organise a corporate ‘Christian Group’ and he often said that it was sadly becoming a noticeable demarcation, when in the group people were Christians, and when out of the group they were ‘workers’.

    It is difficult to know how to make sure that we can avoid that demarkation, and I for one continually strive to make sure that God is part of all I do, and think, but I have a butterfly mind and it’s easy to get distracted.


    • Kunnagh says:

      Thanks for those thoughts Paul – useful development and practical reflections. I like the phrase ‘whole life is worship’ – there’s a challenge for all of us.

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