Information for host churches

Over the months there are various things that host churches have found it helpful to know before the service.

Technology – the deanery has a screen and projector and laptop – but obviously if you have any of these in place that would be great.

Refreshments – we have been asking for seeker service style refreshments from host churches- hot pasties, sandwhiches, nibbles etc. Obviously we are grateful for anything that you can provide. If cost is an issue your end we can take a retiring collection and can make up any shortfall from Deanery Sources. Numbers wise we have had between 50 and 100 to most services

Worship – we are happy to provide the worship band and to give your own musicians an evening off to just come along, worship and be refreshed. If you do have any musicians who are desperate to play then great. Kunnagh, who co-leads the services for the deanery, leads the worship and usually asks that any musician wanting to play comes to the rehearsals for the service – if they contact him directly he can let them know. His email is available on this site under the ‘contact us’ link.

Prayer Ministry – again we have a prayer ministry team headed up by another leader Brenda Munden. Any offers of help always welcome but again no pressure…

Access on the day. If someone could let us into the church at about 4pm that would be great.

Prayer – we normally have a pray at 5:30pm where we try to listen to what God may be wanting – the core group for this is the prayer ministry team and service leaders but we would of course love it if any of the host church would join us for that if they are not too busy with the refreshments – it’s very much a case of drop in and join in – we’ll just pray at 5:30, whoever is there.

Visit – we usually visit churches a few weeks before the service just to make sure that the various practical elements for the service are in place, and for us to determine where various aspects (prayer team, worship band, etc) will be sited on the day. We will liaise directly with each host church regarding this.

If you have any questions or things for clarification please do let me know

Thanks very much for being willing to host!

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